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The front door of your home is often the first impression for a potential buyer. Here are 5 tips to make sure your front door is getting the job done.

1. For starters, make sure your front door has a fresh coat of paint. Be careful not to get paint on your door knob, handset or weather stripping. Generally speaking your paint should match the color of your shutters and trim.

2. Your handset/door knob & locking mechanism needs to be in working order. It’s an immediate turn off to potential buyers if they have to wrestle with the front door to get into your home.

3. Your front porch and entry door need to be well lit. This is especially important during the winter months when the days are shorter. Nothing says “welcome” like a front door that’s well lit.

4. Cleanliness is key. Your front porch should be clear of leaves & debris. Wipe off the finger prints and dirt on the trim around the door.

5. Use accent features appropriately. In the real estate industry we’ve seen it all. Keep your accent features tasteful and complimentary to your front porch. Planters, exterior furniture, decorative flags & other items need to compliment your front porch in size, color, and architectural details.

We’ve used the website to identify some great looking front doors.

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