Part of keeping the Discover Realty brand consistent is the letterhead. Here are three reasons why you should use letterhead in your correspondence with prospects, past clients, and your sphere of influence.

1. Professional Letterhead Looks… Professional.

If you don’t look like a professional, few people will take you seriously. It’s an accepted business standard for measuring the commitment of a business to quality. If you are too cheap to print professional letterhead, then you may cut corners in other areas as well. Or you could send the message that you are just an amateur.

2. Professional Letterhead Supports Brand Efforts.

Brand building is vital if you want to grow your business. One aspect of building brand identity is creating the perception of what your business is. You want your customer or client to capture the vision of what you have to offer. Letterhead that fails to deliver a crisp image of what your business stands for tears down your brand identity.

3. Professional Letterhead Enhances Customer Confidence.

Knowing you look professional enhances your own confidence. It also enhances the confidence of customers. When they see your letterhead, it creates instant recognition. They know they’ve seen that logo and they are ready to read the message.

Here’s a link to the Discover Realty Letterhead file. Save the file to your computer and send it to your printer.

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